CRMC Focus is an application designed to enhance municipal services and streamline access to information for local residents.

COLLABORATION: 2016 – 2024
INDUSTRY: Municipal

The application serves as a centralized platform for finding information about various municipal services and events within the city. It provides features such as locating municipal services, accessing event information, and calculating routes to event venues using navigation apps like WAZE or Google Maps. Additionally, users can utilize the app to purchase tickets for cultural events, discover walking routes around the city, and stay informed about events related to the city’s natural attractions, parks, entertainment options, job postings, emergencies, facility reconstructions, agenda topics, and more.

The target audience for CRMC Focus includes both residents and visitors of the city. The solution provided by CRMC Focus involves establishing connections with all municipal establishments, including schools, kindergartens, synagogues, ritual baths, and communal organizations. Additionally, the application enables users to report accidents directly to the municipal center and receive updates on the status of their inquiries.

CRMC Focus aims to improve the overall efficiency and convenience of accessing municipal services and information, ultimately enhancing the experience for residents and visitors alike.