Blending extensive sector expertise with cutting-edge technology and engineering, we craft scalable custom platforms that precisely match your specific needs and preferences.

Artificial Intelligence

  • We guide you in bringing your data home, maximizing its value while minimizing risks.
  • Our services enable you to monitor anomalies and patterns, offering insights into potential threats or opportunities.
  • Softum professionals assist you in seamlessly integrating data into evidence-based decision-making for anticipating future changes.
  • Leveraging advanced analytics and AI capabilities, we empower your organization to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality.
  • Softum collaborates with you to uncover new opportunities and revenue streams.
  • Evaluate your organization’s data strategy and business data needs based on the 6 elements of the Data & AI Framework.
  • Identify areas for enhancement and potential use cases.
  • Receive a progressive plan with recommendations outlining priorities and clear stages of data transformation.

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At every stage of the ADTECH journey


  • We specialize in automating and digitizing, upgrading, and revitalizing existing or outdated tourism systems.
  • Tailored ERP systems for team management, trip scheduling, and driver routes.
  • Implementation of a lead conversion system.
  • Smart Video Identification Platform designed for enhanced lead conversions.
  • Incorporation of a BIDDING mechanism.
  • Development of affiliate marketing platforms.
  • Creation of a digital marketing campaign management platform.
  • CImplementation of Data-Driven advertising systems, transitioning from effective BI to improved conversion rates.
  • Ongoing development of a platform geared towards the ADTECH landscape.
At every stage of the TRAVELTECH journey


  • We specialize in automation and digitalization, as well as upgrading and revitalizing existing and outdated tourism systems.
  • Tailoring ERP systems for effective team management, precise trip scheduling, optimized driver routes, and more.
  • Development of a custom-made reservation and operation platform.
At every stage of the HEALTHCARE journey


  • We provide innovative medical treatment solutions utilizing VR, AR, MR technology, encompassing VIRTUAL, AUGMENTED, MIXED realities.
  • Implement a treatment process control system leveraging BIG DATA and a comprehensive DASHBOARD.
  • Develop medical device applications for remote patient monitoring.
  • Enable remote monitoring of treatment progress, including treatment and dosage adjustments, along with physician reporting.
  • Design dermatological monitoring treatment applications.
  • Manage appointment schedules and user capacities efficiently.
  • Establish an online store for promotions.
  • Develop applications for early disease detection, identification, and analysis.
  • Provide intricate UI/UX solutions for a seamless user experience.
Every step of the way  Government / Municipal

Government / Municipal

  • Platforms for documents, payments, and interaction with government institutions.
  • Automation for efficiency and reduction of bureaucracy.
  • Data collection systems for informed decision-making.
  • Monitoring and management of urban infrastructure, energy, and traffic lights.
At Every Stage of the Internet Marketing Journey

Online Marketing

  • We explore the digital landscape through a thorough audit and obtain information for making strategic decisions.
  • We create compelling content that resonates with audiences while delivering compelling storytelling.
  • We continually optimize strategies based on real-time data, providing transparent reporting for refinement.
  • We integrate advanced analytics to make informed decisions and gain a deep understanding of market dynamics.
  • Deploying strategies to reach diverse audiences.
  • We increase brand awareness through innovative methods, making it stand out from the digital clutter.
  • Attract targeted traffic using strategic initiatives to attract and convert visitors.
  • Effectively achieving marketing goals
Every step of the way AI