Bodygrams – Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Gym on Smartphone.

We understand the impetuous and busy life of young and active people populating large metropolitan areas, so we have created an application that can cover the needs for maintaining health and body shape.

The Challenge

Create an app for both platforms (iOS Android). Also create an admin panel to manage this application. The administrative panel should be a designer for sports programs of any direction.

The App

We used Flutter technology to make an app for 2 platforms, thus reducing development time and costs.
All computations take place on the server side, while the mobile application merely processes and displays the results. The app supports multilingualism by detecting the language of the device and delivering content in the corresponding language.

The app features the following sections:


Here, we publish articles, posts, surveys, and widgets from the admin panel. Our server distributes content to users in different time zones according to a pre-scheduled timetable, ensuring that each user receives content at their local time, taking into account their time zone.


On this screen, users can view graphs and various functionalities that track their results. This section includes the following subsections:

  • Desired Body Shapes: Users set goals to achieve a specific body shape by comparing current and desired indicators.
  • Activities: This feature tracks the regularity of user workouts. Users can set a goal for the number of workouts per week, and we calculate their consistency over the last 5 weeks.
  • Challenges: We offer users the option to give up harmful products for a fixed or indefinite period. Users can also join this initiative with friends.
  • Body Measurements Chart: This section displays initial, current, and the difference between body measurements.
  • Daily Water Intake Chart: Users set their daily water consumption norm, and the app automatically allocates the specified volume over a designated time period, reminding users when to drink water. After consuming water, users mark it, and we display the statistics on the chart.


This screen presents a catalog of recipes categorized by meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner). Users can exclude products they don’t consume (seafood, eggs, nuts, etc.). This section also includes a small guide with articles on nutrition rules, helping users eat properly to achieve their goals. All content is managed from the admin panel and can be supplemented or modified at any time.


This section is divided into groups containing various workout videos. Workouts open in a player that supports the HLS video format, ensuring fast video playback even with a weak internet signal.

Premium Screen:

Users have access to three types of subscriptions (1 month, three months, and a year). There is an option to use promo codes, and special offers are provided in case the user hasn’t activated the trial version after visiting the premium screen.