Infrastructure Automation and DevOps Intelligence

Single Click Deployments
Automated Security Alerts
Continuos Integration and Continuos Deployment
Support Microservices & Serverless Computing – Docker and Kubernets
Proper Infrastructure Security
Ease Code Managements & Code Reviews
Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks
Deploy On-Premises, Public or Hybrid Cloud

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services provides DevOps Assessment and Audit of your existing Infrastructure, Development Environment and Integration. Our DevOps Assessment Services and strategy will list down the points of improvement and the tools, process and data to be integrated in the DevOps Strategy and execution.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

XenonStack is a leading DevOps Solution Provider which provides end to end infrastructure automation, Continuos Integration, Continuos Deployment with automated Testing and build Process. DevOps Solutions enables Continuos Delivery Pipeline on Microservices and Serverless Computing on Docker, Kubernets, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

DevOps Monitoring & DevOps Alerting

Our DevOps Solutions enables the visibility of Continuous Delivery Pipeline with monitoring and alerting for infrastructure, processes, applications and Hosts. Our Product, NexaTrace is a Next generation Monitoring Product with Predictive Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Log Analytics.

Microservices & Serverless Computing

DevOps Services provides full stack services for Microservices and Serverless computing On Docker and Kubernetes with CoreOS. Our services supports DevOps Solutions For Java, DevOps Solution For Golang, DevOps Solution For Python, DevOps Solution for Ruby-On-Rails, DevOps Solution for Scala, DevOps Solution for Node.js.

Log Analytics

DevOps For Data Science enables enterprises and startups for Log analytics with predictive intelligence using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It also enables you for Anomaly Detection that helps you to identify cases that are unusual within data and tool for detecting network intrusion and rare events in the network.

DevOps For Machine Learning

XenonStack DevOps Solutions helps you build and deploy your Machine Learning Models and Deep Learning Models (Python & R Models) on Docker and Kubernetes, supports Machine Learning and Data Processing Libraries such as Spark MLLib and OpenNLP.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline with NoOps and GitOps

We are having all the leading DevOps Tools in our DevOps Toolkit to automate and measure the performance of your Delivery Pipeline

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable and scalable Cloud Computing Services.
Microsoft Azure offers enterprise grade cloud computing platform for building, deploying, managing applications.

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