The Brief

RWGFY (Russian Websites Go F Yourselves) – an extension for Chrome which marks websites originating from russia.

The extension checks every website for a number of parameters in order to identify inconspicuous features rooting in the russian federation. End users can see at once which sites are worth entering and which ones are best avoided.

Pain and Solution

Taking elementary cyber safety into account in the conditions of full-scale war with russia, the following aspects must be considered:


  Cyber threat from russia


Unconsciously becoming a victim of kremlin’s propaganda


Cultural influence of the russian federation being imposed


Restricting an access to resources which can carry propaganda, collect Ukrainians’ personal data, or discredit our country in general. The extension checks every website for a number of parameters aiming at identifying inconspicuous roots in russia. An end user of Google search can see clearly whether the website is ‘safe’ (not originating from russia) before entering it.

After being checked, the result is trustworthy and reliable. Moreover, this does not affect the speed of page loading while the minimalistic design creates no distractions for the user from other results of Google search.




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