The Brief

Bodygrams – Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Gym on Smartphone.

We understand the impetuous and busy life of young and active people populating large metropolitan areas, so we have created an application that can cover the needs for maintaining health and body shape.

Pain And Solution

To achieve success, we targeted a particular audience to effectively secure our foothold and go on scaling the project.

For our target audience, the primary pain is:


Lack of time to visit the gym


Improper nutrition


No incentive to change bad habits



Ability to exercise at a convenient time


Learning the rules of proper


Motivation to achieve the set goal

The First Step

Determination of roles for the subsequent creation of the project infrastructure


Use the application interface


Use a separately developed interface for interacting with users


Uses the administrative panel to create and edit programs designed for users


Uses social media to reach the target audience

Flow For Application

We put a lot of functionality into a straightforward flow.

Key points for the user:

The most important thing is always in sight;

3 clicks to the target;

For us:

Seamless introduction of modifications and additions to scale and fix bugs.

Flow For Experts Cabinet

Key features for experts:

Ability to track user progress;

Ability to adjust nutrition and exercise performance;

Opportunity to give advice and guidance;

Flow For Admin Panel

Key features for the admin:

Add and edit the exercise and recipe catalogs;

Manage the list of users;

Create and edit programs;

Manage the list of experts;

Application Interface


After building the flow for the main components of the project infrastructure, the next step was to develop the application interface prototypes.

When building the prototypes, we analyzed user behavior so that it could be easy and comfortable for everyone to use the application. Thus, we have protected ourselves from a heap of negative reviews at the stage of launching the application.

Application User Interface

The app has both free and premium versions


Free version provides limited functionality but remains interesting for the users, teaching and engaging them.


Premium version allows its users to work harder to achieve their goals, and the program-assigned experts will help them do it effectively.


The ribbon is filled with widgets that come on schedule throughout the day.

All users start with a free program, so the appropriate widgets are loaded into the ribbon. If the users switch to the premium version, the ribbon is loaded with completely different widgets that are not available for the Free program.

Besides, the premium users have access to the calendar of events according to the program, thus organizing their schedules themselves. 


The results screen shows the user’s statistics from the moment the first measurements were made. These measurements can be monitored by both the user and the expert.

The graphics change depending on the program.


The diet

The catalog of recipes specially selected for a particular program;

Nutrition rules that teach the user to independently select products and control their weight;

Preference filter that excludes dishes containing inappropriate products;

The catalog is available for the entire duration of the premium access. For the free program, only breakfasts are available. By assisting the user to get acquainted with the proper nutrition in this way, we encourage them to upgrade to the premium version.


The users get exercises almost every day. Workouts show up in the player, allowing the user to watch the trainer’s actions and repeat them. The player is adjusted to show the proper workout rhythm for maximum results.


In this project, everything was built with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Still, we keep working on the project, regularly introducing new functionality.

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