The Brief

MIRROR OF THE WORLD – a charity fund created in order to help people suffering from the war in Ukraine.

The charity fund helps people of Ukraine who have suffered from the war by providing humanitarian aid to peaceful residents and means of protection to soldiers on the frontline making it possible for them to get back to their families alive.

What has been done:

While planning the website, we have tried to enable users to be fully aware of the charity fund’s work. 

The main page is divided into several blocks:


Making acquaintance with the fund


The results of fund’s work


Current fundraising in different direction

With an aim of transparency, we have created a page with reviews for every user to see the amount of money spent by the fund and the purpose of funding.

An important step for the website is developing pages with payment details for fundraising.

We have divided donations into categories so that users could choose where they would like to donate money to and added various methods of payment for everyone to make a donation in any convenient way without facing difficulties of any kind.





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